28 September 2008

After spending all the grocery money this weekend, stocking the fringe full of delicious fruits and vegetables, and the cupboards full of nutritious whole grains, at this very moment I am lamenting my failure to buy any TREATS! I guess that's a good thing, because if we had any ice cream right now, I would eat the WHOLE BOX!

The Daugherty's Take Manhattan

My mom came to visit which afforded us all a great opportunity to take a holiday to visit New York City! We all drove drove to Staten Island (minus Azalea...thanks to my visiting teacher Lynnete for babysitting!) and took the Ferry (FREE can you believe it!) across the water and past beautiful Lady Liberty! We walked through the financial district (may it rest in peace...and may God have mercy on America) and scored AWESOME tickets at the TKTS booth there. (This is an insiders secret: There is a TKTS booth in the financial district with lines way shorter than the one at the booth in Times Square!) We had a lovely dinner over the water at the Southside Seaport before taking a subway up to the theater district. MARY POPPINS was the show of the night and it was SENSATIONAL!!!! I love that movie already and supremely enjoyed the broadway. When Mary actually rose up off the stage and up and above the audience at the end of the show, it truly brought tears of joy to my eyes!
I am a pure theater enthusiast

Thank you so much mom! What a great memory you made with all of us!

14 September 2008

Ode to My Mother

Happy Birthday MOM!

You have been very present in my thoughts and I wanted to take a moment to honor you.
I am so lucky to have you for my mother. The older I get, (yes here it comes) the more I appreciate the values you always tried to teach me. Yes, you truly have always been wise. And I am more grateful to you and feel thankful to have been taught and learned so many things from you that I have previously taken for granted. I want to know what you know, I want to learn what you have learned, and I want to be able to do what you have done and pass it on to my children.

I am so fortunate to have been taught by you a deep and abiding love for our country, our constitution, and our Fore Fathers. Despite the tearing down of our country and a defamation of heroes that has indoctrinated others around me, I feel so blessed to have been taught the truth of something nobler and greater.

I love you for raising me on whole grains, fruits and vegetables. As the world goes on, my roots reach back to when I was a child and the values you instilled in me on health and diet. I so appreciate the anchor for truth and right that you have always been in my life. I appreciate the canning, the gardening, the drying and "laying up in store" you have exemplified to me all of my life. What better gift could a mother give her child than one of strong health!

Well, you gave me gospel knowledge. You taught me obedience and strict observance to keep the commandments of God. And I know, as taught in scripture, that this is the path that leads to freedom and life eternal. I know because of the opportunities you provided me as a child, to learn, and study and think, and understand the gospel of our Lord. You taught me with love and genuine sincerity, the precious gospel truths, and how to live so as to prepare myself worthy before God. I am humbled by the time your spend searching and studying the scriptures and how you share those gems that you've polished in your heart.

I love you for all that you are and all that you've sacrificed and all that you have accomplished in your life. I love you for teaching me to love and appreciate all things beautiful and lovely- in home as well as landscape- and how to work my knuckles to the bone to make it so. I love you for representing peace and modesty and decorum to me. I value your example of thrift and frugality. I envy your talent in crafting and creation and I covet your understanding of education and teaching.

You are a vanishing breed, a singular, stellar example of motherhood and womanhood. And you are exceptionally loved and honored by me. On this your blessed birthday, I celebrate you and thank you!

05 September 2008

Welcome to Glenside Elementary: 1st day of Kindergarten, 1st day of 3rd Grade...

Bailey and Calvin started school this week. They start in Sept. here instead of August b/c the schools don't have a/c so they wait till it cools off a little... but it's still been 90 degrees here. Calvin says kindergarten is too babyish. And Bailey is happy to be in the same class as Mary Grace, a little girl she met this summer. I must have 10000 school papers to sign and fill out! What a joy!

I am busily taking care of a long back list of projects, like our bathroom plumbing that has been leakin into our ceiling and so redoing the bathroom while the plumbers are here anyway. Yesterday I picked out a new vanity and maybe I'll start painting next week.
We have an ongoing landscaping project in our backyard, leveling and replanting grass. Larry sold his HUGE desk and that has helped me to rearrange our house furniture and get my piano studio set up so I can start teaching next week. Our van has been having brake trouble so it has been in the shop for two days. Good news is the brakes are okay but it's time for the 90, 000 mile tune up so we spent the money on that instead of brakes.

I found a GOODWILL store (finally) and am very stoked about that. The few thrift stores around my town were pretty sad after coming from such a goldmine of a Goodwill that we had in FL. I found a Goodwill here about 20 minutes from my house and we took the kids shopping there and SCORED finding lots of nice looking, brand name clothes! I got Bailey about 25 new items, and at the check out counter the clerk told me the kids items were 50% off that week! So instead of paying $2.50 an item, I got it all for $1.25 a piece! Happy day for us!

Bailey starts gym up again this afternoon after a long break from it. Calvin has begged me to have a class of his own too, so I have relented...although this gym only teaches boys up to age 5, they made an exception for Cal b/c he really needs the coordination practice.