27 December 2008

Christmas Eve Party

Fishers, Dickeys, Chiapellis, and Daugherty's to dinner

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Preparing for the Nativity Play

Bailey as Mary

Carrie as a great Angel Gabriel

Mary with Baby Tanzen or Makett, not sure which of the twins made it to the manger ( :

Calvin, the humble stable calf

Brandon, the guitar playing wise man, the accompaniment was terrific!

Shepard brothers

A surprise visitor at the end of the night!

"Have you both been very good this year?"

Cute as a button! She's been very good this year!

Cute little calfie, and perfect all year long!

The Twins' First Meeting with Santa!

A memorable, magical evening!

20 December 2008

Two Charming Years with Azalea!

Your life in review, it's been a bliss!

I loved being pregnant with you!

The morning you were born

Welcome the World! 7 pounds 4 ounces 20 1/2 inches
December 19, 2006, 7:19 PM

A new sister! All she wanted for Christmas...

This is a little hard to read... but it says:
"I love you MOM, I hope you name her Azalea"

And that's how you got your name!

Our Christmas Angel


Happy 1st Birthday!

2 years later...

Good Morning Sunshine, Happy 2nd Birthday!

In your new Birthday Outfit, thanks grandma!

Happy Birthday Darlin'!


Those self relighting candles are SOO funny aren't they!

I love you little Zelle Bell, You are my dear one!

Happy Birthday!

19 December 2008

Hahneman Hospital Holiday Party

A night on the town is always a welcome event!

A beautiful event at the Downtown Club... I might book it for our 50th wedding anniversary party, it was that fine!

With our "new family" Brandon and Chaci Fisher
I am so glad we finally have a picture with them! I've been wanting to introduce them on our blog for a LONG TIME. Chaci just had TWINS in October and Brandon is Larry's Co-Resident. That means they are the same year and work together A LOT! We LOVE THEM and are so grateful for their friendship! Good times All!

15 December 2008

Merry Christmas ~ from our family to yours

14 December 2008

1st Piano Christmas Recital

We had a wonderful combined event with my 8 beginning students and Bill Luce's 3 advanced students. I never would have thought to try this during Christmas time, but it turned out to be a wonderful party! All the kids played Christmas songs that were part of a musical story narrated by Larry. Bill's students, all being sisters, now had an audience to perform their wonderful pieces for!

Thanks Bill for a wonderful idea!

Mary Grace missed the "1st recital" due to some extenuating circumstances, but she made it in time for the "2nd" recital. Sorry you missed the picture though! I love you MG!

13 December 2008

Maybe crafty after all...

So our ward chapel was lookin pretty bleak.
After adding 6 poinsettias to the front, there was still something missing from the back...all that white brick needed a bright spot. So I took the tip from the gorgeous wreath that hung in our Florida chapel, headed off to Micheals, sorted through all the fluff, and finished up with this...

Now that looks better, if I do say so myself!

I put it on an easel and hung it behind the choir seats... just in time for all the lovely visitors who came for the Christmas program. Being the building maintenance coordinator is so fun!

10 December 2008

Christmas Jammies

My mom hooked us up this year with matching PJ's for the kids and snuggly warm robes for Bailey and Cal. Most nights Calvin wanted to sleep with his robe on too! He said he was just like the boy in Polar Express. Thanks MOM!