16 October 2008

You've heard it said that:

“When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” ~John M Richardson, Jr.

I hope none of us will remain content to just sit idly by and let the future happen to us.

That being said, I'd like to make a few comments about the future I see around the corner.

About a year and a half ago, Larry and I started a new tradition for Friday's called "Family Movie Night." Together we have enjoyed introducing many of the classic films we grew up with to our kids... such as Annie, The Sound of Music, Narnia, ET, Star Wars, Karate Kid, and It's a Wonderful Life etc, among others. As all good movies (or stories for that matter) hinge on a contrast between good and evil, war and peace, joy and sorrow; there have arose moments of intensity during a movie when my kids cry out in distress, "What's going to happen?, What's going to happen??" After pausing the movie (or just turning down that scary music), I have always taught them a singular principle: "Don't worry, They'll be okay, The good guys always win- they just have to go through the worst of it before they do." My children have since learned to deal with all those villians and power-seizing "bad guys", and on occasion I've heard them comfort each other with the words, "Don't worry Bailey, the good guys always win".

And so it is, while I have a perfect brightness of hope for our future, I recognize that before the "good guys win" we'll have to go through the pits before we get there.
And with that in mind, I'd like to share a noteworthy article with all my friends, from a source I trust for setting the record straight and making no excuses for either corrupted political party. This link offers many practical suggestions for preparing ourselves to get through what's ahead. And remember, if we are prepared, we'll have no need to fear. So check out Glenn Beck's: What Can I Do to Prepare article, and when the going gets tough, just remember, The Good Guys Always Win!

15 October 2008

Franklin Science Institute!

Picture a sunken pirate ship loaded down with real treasure -"pieces of eight," the Jolly Roger, canons, pistols, rope tying, masonic dishes, a 300 year old fibula of John King, the 9 year old runaway turned pirate, and stories of true love, war, mutiny, robbery, slavery, and nor'eastern storms, and you will have the images of our family having a fascinating time at the REAL PIRATES attraction at the Franklin Science Institute. Thanks to "Communinty Day" we got to go for free! Lovin' it Philly!

13 October 2008


Happy Birthday you crazy, zaney, disctractable, incourageable, goofy, scavaging, brilliant, thoughtful, helpful, stubborn, proud child of mine! I love you, with all my heart, since the moment I delivered your 9 pound 14 ounce little fat body into this world,I have loved you and adored you! You are a treasure and a prize. You are a nucleus of endless potential. You are my special, tender, thoughtful, reflective little man, and I love you.
Happy Birthday Buddy! You rule the house today!

Breakfast in Bed... as requested!

A "happy birthday" call from daddy, who had to leave for work before breakfast!

Cupcakes in Kindergarten...

SIX dollars in a birthday card from Gramma Jane
Big Smiles, for the little banker!

Snuggly warm robe and PJ's from Grandma Burk

TOTALLY awesome new MICROSCOPE for our budding scientist, compliments of Grammy Peggy and Grandpa Larry

A LITE BRITE from Bailey, and a Rocket from Mom and Dad

Six Candles! Make a wish!

huffed and puffed and BLEW those candles out!

Happy Birthday my Brilliant Boy!

05 October 2008

Still no camera battery charger...grrrr